Repair & Overhaul of Motors, Generators and Turbines

 EPC Contracting

KC Engineering & Industry is specialized in executing turnkey projects in the fields of Low, Medium and High Voltage Electrical Systems. We partner with the most prestigious international vendors and thus supply state of the art products and solutions through a smooth and efficient procurement process.

Our team’s dedication and strong technical background ensure that the installation phase is professionally planned and executed. Further, KC’s constant investment in reliable testing equipment operated by highly qualified engineers guarantees the proper functionality of the systems before handing over.

All of this has contributed to our success and continuous expansion over the years and added new references to our long list of satisfied and loyal customers.

 Panel Building & System Integration

Our Panel Building Facility which is certified from several industry leaders such as General Electric (GE), Legrand and others, assembles Low Voltage Switchgear, Control and Protection Panels based on the latest IEC standards. Some of these panels are Main Distribution Boards (MDBs), Motor Control Centers (MCCs), Automatic and Manual Transfer Switches (ATS and MTS), Feeder Pillars, Synchronization and Totalizing Panels, Capacitor Banks, PLC, KNX, SCADA… 

KC also offers value engineering services by redesigning concepts and equipment for the purpose of achieving optimal performance and meeting clients’ budgets without compromising the requirements and quality.

 After Sales Maintenance & Service Level Agreement

Our maintenance and service agreements are shaped to meet customers’ demands by ensuring minimum failure and maximum reliability. Preventive maintenance visits are carefully planned during which equipment are examined and tested to make sure that they are functioning properly. In unfortunate cases of emergency, our teams promptly tackle and rectify faults in a timely manner ensuring that the processes at stake are minimally affected.  Full reports including test results and comments are prepared after each visit, and further recommendations for improvements are suggested.

 Retrofit Solutions

In many cases, we find our clients looking for suitable solutions to replace old systems that are already obsolete and out of production. At KC, we offer retrofit solutions based on the latest products and technologies. These retrofitted systems undergo engineering and customization works and are ready to serve as exact replacements.

 Repair & Overhaul of Motors, Generators and Turbines

KC has a proven track record in repairing and overhauling large and heavy machinery such as MV motors, generators, machines and turbines. Our clients mainly range from utilities to heavy industries.